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The Company

A member of the Con-Drain group of companies, Metrus Properties was founded in 1972 and since then has become an acknowledged leader in development and property management, with a portfolio of over 15 million square feet of industrial, retail and office space.

From our roots in construction, Metrus has expanded successfully into every area of development. Today we plan, build, lease and manage a broad spectrum of properties, providing a complete range of infrastructure and construction services.

As a family owned corporation, we've earned the trust of clients with a wealth of development and property management expertise, responsive customer service, a dedicated, hands-on approach to the success of each project and a long term view of customer satisfaction that has spelled success for our customers.

The Metrus Advantage


Metrus is continually preparing prime locations for new business communities. Our meticulous involvement in every detail ensures the highest standards of preparation and infrastructure.


Our architects design your building to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient. Our in-house construction management division ensures that it is built to demanding standards of quality - on time and on budget.


Metrus offers your company one-stop shopping for your real estate needs: Take advantage of all our services, all under one roof. We specialize in full service development. This includes, acquisition, land use compliance, zoning, construction, leasing and property management. Let us do everything we do best, so you can focus on what you do best: Your business.


Metrus in-house property managers and trusted maintenance staff are the best in the business. We keep each building in top condition and constantly incorporate the latest innovations for maximum comfort and operational efficiency.

Green Initiatives

Integrity. Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow's generations. At Metrus Properties, we believe our green initiatives are of paramount importance in all of our retail, commercial and industrial endeavors.

As industry leaders, we understand the importance of improving the social and environmental performance of our buildings. Not only are the fundamental policies of companies improved, but it also enables them to reduce operating costs. Companies can better manage risks and minimize the impact on the surrounding environment. We call this a ripple effect of green proportions.

By positioning a business as a proponent of green initiatives, Metrus Properties are able to attract business partnerships and investors, stimulate innovation and expand to new market opportunities.

Metrus Green Initiatives focuses on a business strategy of sustainable development that will improve the standards of living and working within our family of properties.Through improving human health, conserving the environment, and advancing long-term economic competitiveness without compromising the environment, we are doing our part while helping companies do theirs.